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BOA Strangles Musician to Steal Home...

Disgruntled Bank of America Customer Video Features Members of Eminem’s Detroit Crew “D12”

The newest BankingBad™ YouTube Channel Video features the Bank of America home loan story of Musician Dave Nichols who fights the bank to save his home from what he claims was an interest rate error. Dave known by his rap name Nichol9 raps on a new song titled “I Told You So” with 3 members of Eminem’s Detroit crew D12 and “I told You So” provides a potent soundtrack for the new Banking Bad “BOA” video.

Thanks 4F for the heads up...

I Told You So...

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Comment by Ace on May 12, 2013 at 9:08pm

What Dave also may not realize is that since the year 2000 or so, CW/WF/Citi/GS/JPM/Etc... & their loans were all Securitized/aka Wall Street gambled with other people's money and bet against American Homeowners for GREED.

They used Table Lending Roulette, Straw Men 21, MERS Pai Gow, FRAUD in the FACTUM Poker & used countless other violations/games in conjunction w/ the total lack of GOV"T Oversight/SACK/Prosecution to RULE in these thieves of Americana.

An update on Dave's situation including more details about his particular situation would be required to make a full guesstimate to his possible outcome.

Bizarre doesn't even touch the surface Sharon...Don't we all have CW loans? LOL

Fannie & Freddie are suing BoA for BAD loans as we speak...LOL

Sharon, Just Try To...


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