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Whats the Freaking Florida "Attorney General" doing to help Floridians ???

Where is our Florida Attorney General ??

He has a nice web site , and I have written to him several times asking for some action ...but guess what ? He doesn't answer..that's what..He must be doing the " busy ..thing" Hardly working or working hard ..routine .
We need someone like A.G. Cuomo or Eliot Spitzer ..or Rudy Giuliani .. here in Florida USA..

Fire this guy " Bill McCollum " ..why hasn't he plowed into the " Florida Default Law-less Group " or that other freaking group..Stern something ..and many others I can't remember right now..

The government is supposed to protect its citizens ..not just watch or look the other way ...while Good American families are crushed and discarded like garbage . Meanwhile the freaking Crooks ,Corrupted ,Lying, cheating Bums are getting richer and richer ....What does it get help...take the law into our own hands...with pitch forks and torches will we have to raid the government office's and throw all the " burro-rats bums " out ..seating in their big desk doing nothing but getting fat on the lard...our taxpayer money ....

Will we have to stop paying our taxes in a massive protest and order these Congressional bums to start working for us the American people and not for those freaking Wall Street gangsters ..who should be jailed as our nation . .

Mr. President stop the war in Afghanistan ..bring the troops back home ... the enemy isn't some poor under fed Taliban with a rusty AK-47 the terrorist attacking our welfare and national security are dressed in $15,000 dollar suits and their hideout are in the "Goldman Sachs " building Pent House ... in the . J.P.Morgan Chase , Bank of America, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley.buildings....and many more .hideouts all over .Wall Street.... its jam- packed and infested with these freaking terrorist ...Lets flush them.out .and ship them to Cuba Guantanamo....and throw away the keys...

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Comment by L on March 1, 2010 at 3:26am
I took the liberty of posing your excellent question here.
Comment by Monte on February 27, 2010 at 10:19pm
I know of 2 law-less firms that are being investigated by the Attorney General. The legal process is very slow ... until it hits the media. That is when things blow up. I think the only way for us to be heard is really through these websites where we can blog our complaints - they are reading everything, I am positive of it. However, them reading our complaints isn't really helping us, I think it is best to know the laws that lenders must follow and by knowing that, we have an extreme advantage.

Btw, the two companies are National Foreclosure Counseling Services and Keep Your Property, Inc.
Comment by Luigie on February 24, 2010 at 3:04pm
I agree.. Dylan Ratigan is the only person I' ve seen on cable main stream
who calls the Wall Street Banks bail out , and Insurance companies and Politicians ..a Crooked Deal ! He defends the Middle Class family always...


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