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US Bank National Association as Trustee for Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2005-10 "FRAUD"

Even the trustees of these (non)mortgage backed securities are yelling "UNCLE!  This garbage is FRAUD!"


If your loan is in this trust, carefully examine Exhibit D!


This is a major breakthrough!  Trustees suing the progeny of the now imploded originators!


It's all laid out here: Complaint and Exhibits | BofA Sued Over $1.75 Billion Countrywide Mortgage Pool in U.S. Bank NA... via @4closurefraud

Here's an example of a securities and property document fraud involving this trust and a scam on the investors to force a non-performing loan FROM another trust into this Harborview 2005-10 (Marshall Watson Fraudclosure firm which settled all it's fraud with the FL AG for a 2 million pay off).  I believe this document is robosigned by BAC Home Loans employees.

CWHEO Trust to Harbor View Trust
Even MERS data disputes the info in the assigning about US Bank as Trustee as the mortgagee!

MIN:1000392-5755010507-5 Note Date:06/20/2005 MIN Status:Inactive
Servicer: Bank of America, N.A. Phone:(800) 669-6607
Simi Valley, CA
Investor: Bank of America, N.A. Phone:(800) 669-6607
Simi Valley, CA

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