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I just found this over at LivingLies -

As for where the money went – I would like to pose this question to the justices in my appeal.

Kamala Harris, AG of Mexifornia (Latinos recently became largest minority in a state with no majority) ‘clawed back’ $300M from JP Morgan stating “This settlement returns the money to California’s pension funds that JP Morgan wrongfully took from them.” Justices from the Appellate courts were thus the recipients of that largesse. But does not that largess represent third party payments to the loans comprising the trusts, as the pension funds were the recipients of the cash flow from mortgage payments? That being the case, did the borrowers of those loans receive credit for those payments? Since Ms. Harris made no attempt to identify the loans in question, can this Court categorically state that Appellant’s loan was not among them? Your [California judiciary]  decisions (Calvo v. HSBC) have rendered the land recording act meaningless for deed of trust loans, so the answer is no longer to be found there. Surely the word of an agent of an unconfirmed agent of ‘the beneficiary’ is insufficient to award any party a ‘free house’ for a default that, for all anyone knows, was cured by a portion of that $300M. Now that you justices got ‘yours’ at (possibly) my and other homeowners’ expense, do you need to consider recusing yourselves?

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Comment by Bob Marley on January 20, 2014 at 12:59pm

I just sent a demand the BONY for a full accounting of my particular trust, which includes all the settlement's, NIMs payouts, credit default swaps, IRS 1099A losses and a few others including the MBIA settlement, which I do not believe is finalized yet. That is in conjunction with a payoff statement.   


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