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Protest walk in Orlando Fl. Rules from the Dept. of Special Events Orlando Police HQ

 A simple protest march  or protest walk can be done here in Orlando , and any other city . Permits are required for more complicated protest. I made a few calls and was given the following information from the Orlando Police HQ. 


No permit is necessary if

  a.   no amplified bull horn / or sound equipment is used  ( using one would need a permit  )


  b.   If we only walk or stand with a sign in the  " public sidewalk" .


 c.   Not blocking anybody from freely walking by on the public sidewalk.....


 d.   Not stopping people against their will , to force them to hear our argument .


 e.   We have to obey the traffic laws ....


 f.   that protest signs have to be hand held ( light material -carton board ) ...


 g.  no signs attached to sticks are  allowed .....


  These rules were given to me by phone by :

 Mrs . Sharon Grimes 

 Dept. Special Events ,  Orlando Police Head Quarters


 please verify this info....with Mrs. Grimes for your peace of mind .


 The protest walk could last at least one hour or more  , the local news media will be called to cover the walk protest .

Someone would take digital pictures , for publishing at Foreclosure Hamlet / 4 closurefraud and as many anti- foreclosures blogs as we can find...

If only one person does this protest walk ...its a start .. If foreclosed homeowners don't show up ..who will educate / inform the public of our situation.

What's the message that should be written ?  

 How do we make the poster signs ? etc. etc.....

I need help from the folks that are interested in this peaceful protest walk...I have limited transportation and have to use Linx to move around. 

I think this protest walk should be organized as simple as possible test the "waters" here in Orlando

 The media news I watch ...are being flooded with many JPMorgan Chase , Ally, Bank of America, Wells Fargo  ..commercials ...

The banks are using their ads to silence the news....  the news media is  pressured to keep quiet ...or their ads will be stopped .

Thanks .



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