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Congratulations to Lisa Epstein for accolades deserved from getting the Supreme Court Chief Justice to order an opening of all foreclosure proceedings to the public.

That, also brings up the critically important point that judges have cheated the public and the foreclosure victims by closing courts so public cannot see or comment on the crookedness of proceedings, chiefly refusal of judges to hear disputes over facts of the case, and granting summary judgments in spite of them. Judges often COUNSEL foreclosure victims NOT to move to dismiss for failure of the plaintiff to prosecute the case. One Ft Myers attorney, Roy Foxall, failed to show at the hearing of a client over this same issue. As a result, the court did not dismiss the case and the victim lost an important right - the right to take advantage of the two-strikes rule. That is, if the court dismisses foreclosure complaints twice against the same defendant, the second dismissal occurs WITH PREJUDICE, leaving the victim in permanent possession of the property. And, God knows, foreclosures have such massive frauds at their base that courts have a strong possibility of granting a second dismissal.

Thus such judges and foreclosure defense attorneys actively cheat the defendant out of due process, and judges by advising victims, practice law from the bench WITHOUT a license. For that the erring bastards belong in prison.

Our problem here becomes even worse considering the immunity from prosecution judges enjoy even for breaches of ministerial duties. Judges commit violations of constitutional rights all the time. Very few judges don't, and many do it repeatedly during a court day. They don't seem to realize that they help to create a Hitlerian police state and virtually beg for their own assassination every time they deny relief or remedy in violation of rules, law, or constitutional rights.

"Where law is uncertain, partial, or arbitrary; where justice is not impartially administered to all; where property is insecure, and the person is liable to insult and violence, without redress by law, the people are not free, whatever may be their form of government. " Samuel Chase, Grand Jury Instructions (manuscript), May 2, 1803, reprinted in Charles Evans, Report Of the Trial Of the Hon. Samuel Chase 60 (1805).

Thomas Jefferson, in Notes on the State of Virginia 255 (1785) (Query 13), observed that a constitution should provide remedies for all injuries accruing from unlawful invasions of rights, so the people need never secure them through rebellion.

So, the citizen has an absolute right to assassinate a "tyrant", that is, one who exercises over the Citizen any tyrannical power, whether as a street mugger or a public employee. In spite of the beneficial effect of such justified assassination, as a consequence government always descends upon and kills or imprisons the assassin, precisely the opposite of what it should do. In order to avoid such undesirabl effects of assassination, we must therefore read the law as NOT bestowing tyrannical powers, and as providing effective remedies whenever an official abuses or exceeds lawful authority. Public employees operate in error when they interpret law to the contrary.

Thus, the people should not stop short with Lisa Epstein's efforts against banks. The real enemy of the people consists in:

1. The integration of the bar with the judiciary - the people must excise the bar from government or excise attorneys from government.

2. Sovereign immunity, particularly judicial immunity - the people must excise bad judges from government and punish those who exceed their authority or deny the people the unfettered exercise of their rights.

Anyone reading this who wants to move in that direction, subscribe to the Lawmen google group by visiting

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