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At the courthouse file room today I, once again, reviewed my file. I highly recommend everyone do that periodically because I found some documents attached to Plaintiff’s pleadings that were not attached to the copies I received in the mail.

The second “copy” of the note (differing from the first “copy of the note”) had white out lines on the bottom of page 1 & 3, small half inch lines of white out tape. They covered up a loan number. The white out was slightly raised, as I could feel it when running my finger across it. Page 2 had the loan number without the white out.

My “copy” of this attachment was copied after the application of this white out, and appears to not have any loan numbers on page 1 & 3. This “copy” had the endorsement in blank with the stamped name of a bank that is neither the Plaintiff nor mentioned on the “assignment” nor referred to in any other way in the Plaintiff’s filings.

The other “copy” of the note had the loan numbers on the bottom of all 3 pages without any white out tape. This “copy” was not endorsed.

It’s all so very strange!

Besides that, attending 45 minutes of hearings, 15-20 homes whisked away per 15 minute block of time. No one defending, no one but foreclosing attorneys, judges, bailiffs, and me (until I became overwhelmed with heartsickness, nausea, horror, and disgust).

Maybe for Halloween, dressing up as a foreclosure mill attorney or RJ Arnold (President of MERS) will earn me bragging rights for the scariest costume?

Today, I feel sad and defeated.

My feelings of confidence and competence seem completely grandiose, based on some fantasy unrelated to reality on any level. How dare I think I can; litigate a foreclosure case pro se, understand securitization, educate the judiciary, take a stand against powerful entities, make a positive impact, effectuate change, help others in foreclosure?

It's all so big and so horrific.

This huge top-to-bottom fraud, a grab for wealth rendering families homeless.

The inhumanity of stealing from people their means of sheltering themselves and their loved ones. And, doing so by the thousands each and every week.

The pervasive fraud.

The disregard for legal rights.

The lack of ethics.

The lack of morals.

The complicit approval from all branches and levels of our country's government.

The creation of a class of indentured servants, ruined by and beholden to financial institutions.

The coronation of greed.

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