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Foreclosure Mill Document of the Day (DOD)

Palm Beach County, FL

Foreclosure Case 2009 - 000100 (Docket Here) Plaintiff is Deutsche Bank and/or Indymac. Plaintiff's counsel is now Albertelli's firm but previously was Florida Default Law Group (FDLG)

On April 8, 2010, Plaintiff changed their counsel from FDLG to Albertelli. Apparently, this also caused the Plaintiff to change as well? Reallly, though. In today's foreclosure world, I've found that the name of the Plaintiff is fairly inconsequential. The motto apparently is "Different Plaintiff, Same Foreclosure." In addition, there was a denial of this motion for defaulting the "unknown spouse" of the defendant (now shouldn't the name of the "unknown spouse" be on the mortgage at the very least. You know, the self-same mortgage that is the subject of the foreclosure? Anyway, FDLG's motion was denied, so a year later, the new Mill is attempting to get that default entered despite a previous denial.

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Filed: March 1, 2010:
Defendant: Liliana Sanchez
Plaintiff: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
Foreclosure Mill Firm: Albertelli Foreclosure Mill
Pleading: Motion for Default against the "unknown spouse" of Defendant.

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Filed: August 13, 2009
Defendant: Liliana Sanchez
Plaintiff: Indymac Federal Bank
Foreclosure Mill Firm: FDLG
Document: Denied Default of "unknown spouse"

sanchez FDLG & Albertelli.pdf

The manure pile of documents leading to the illegal eviction of American families by the millions here.

How one VERY VERY VERY HONORABLE Florida JUDGE is ruling on foreclosure cases with this type of manure filed with the court by Foreclosure mill firms. FIRST KNOWN FLORIDA TRIAL COURT DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE for FRAUD UPON THE COURT!! &

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Comment by Incognito123 on June 12, 2010 at 7:35am
Stop and think about something L, when it was allegedly put into the trust, 'Indymac Indx Mortgage .... ' they are allegedly "the owner" so where is the assignment of mortgage to them??? Interesting thought, huh??? They NEVER put it in the trust like they say, as they are avoiding taxes and getting the benefits of not really putting it in the trust . . . . . so with this screw up who is the owner????
LOVE that judge, and I will make every effort to attend that hearing, although I suspect someone may not show up to that, because that one will be hard to explain from what I read there! LOVE IT!!! Finally someone else waking up to this garbage!!! AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!


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