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All you need is your Current Address


Step 1 ) go here


Step 2 ) Select Search by Property Address/Borrower Details


Step 3 ) Select Search by Property Address Only


Step 4)  Search


If your a MERS Victim you should see Active . your MERS ID Number  MIN


and Whom is Assigned By MERS


When you Find your MIN Number then you Can now Obtain the Initial MERS Lender


This is Reprisented by the First Digits of your MINS Number





Your entries may be either upper or lower case.
Fields markedare required.
Enter the Street without a direction or designator. For example,
"E. Main St." should be entered as "Main" 

Double Check Spelling and Street Names !!



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Comment by Gabrielle x on February 16, 2011 at 5:36pm
Check with Local Public Records Specifically the MTGA Mortgage Assigment , and Also MTG (Mortgage Security Instrument ) Some MERS Security Instruments have a Direct MERS Numbers
Comment by Leagle on February 3, 2011 at 2:52pm
Current loan was done in late '07 with refi.  Have 2 records in MERS as active dated '04 and '05.  Have done multiple refi's.  Have received mixed information as to whether I have a MERS case.  My understanding is that there may be no basis for current lender to claim ownership.


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