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Featuring Wildly Productive Robosigner Brian Bly of Document Solutions Company, Nationwide Title Clearing

Mortgage Fraud

Bryan Bly
Nationwide Title Clearing

Action Date: November 8, 2010
Location: Palm Harbor, FL

The video-taped depositions of employees of Nationwide Title Clearing in Palm Harbor, Florida, were made available on the website Stop
Foreclosure Fraud. The deposition of Bryan Bly is particularly startling
and straightforward. Bryan Bly signed documents and witnessed or
notarized other documents. Bly testified that he did not witness the
signatures he notarized. Bly signed in batches of 200. Bly signed
approximately 5,000 mortgage assignments each day. Bly also signed as an
officer of many lenders. Bly signed as an officer of over 20 banks and
mortgage companies. His supervisors told him there were corporate
resolutions authorizing him to sign using these titles. Bly had no
knowledge of the information on the documents. Bly did not know what was
meant by a mortgage assignment or an attorney-in-fact although he
signed mortgage assignments as an officer of Citi Financial as
attorney-in-fact for Argent Mortgage. He did not verify any information
other than to make sure co-employees had signed their names so there
were no blank lines on the documents. He has done this work for
approximately 10 years. One of the titles not discussed in the
deposition, but used on tens of thousands of mortgage assignments signed
by Bly was Attorney-In-Fact, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as
Receiver for IndyMac Federal Bank FSB, successor to IndyMac Mortgage
Holdings, Inc. Bly continued to sign as Attorney-In-Fact for the FDIC as
recently as June 25, 2010. A copy of an assignment signed by Bly as
Attorney-In-Fact for the FDIC is available in the "Pleadings" section of
Fraud Digest.

Lynn Szymoniak, Esq
Fraud Digest

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