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Entitlement to Discovery in Foreclosure Cases

I don't like posting stuff just to be posting stuff. But when I see an article that may help several people, I spread it around all I can. And this one has a lot of beneficial "meat" in it.

Originally posted by Mark Stopa on 6/16/2011, Neil Garfield (LivingLies') has re-posted to get the info out with a little added. I'm here to help.
Entitlement to Discovery in Foreclosure Cases

I'm sure many will find this helpful.

Randy Frodsham

It is long overdue for homeowners to FIGHT BACK against the banks. In well over 90% of all foreclosures in California, I believe homeowners are victims of a felony perpetrated by the banks and trustees. You can get a FREE template, with instructions, to prepare a Felony Criminal Report that you take to the District Attorney for review and possible filing of a criminal complaint against the lender and trustee where the fin can be up to max $75,000.00. It is available for the asking by writing your request to Do it NOW! Remember, it’s FREE.

I also help distressed homeowners find effective solutions to challenge a foreclosure, where saving your home may be possible. Alternatives are available that may avoid foreclosure AND bankruptcy, and help you get on with your life. If, as it occasionally occurs, it is not possible to save their current residence, by using one of my alternatives to foreclosure, YOU will typically qualify for a new mortgage to purchase a new home more than a year sooner than would be possible otherwise.

If you cannot afford an attorney, you can still fight, AND WIN. Under our Constitution, you have every right to represent yourself in a court of law. It is called "pro se." It’s sad that a lot of people feel fearful when it’s so easy to do it yourself. The best system I've seen at any price (It's downright cheap compared to attorney fees!) for this is found at: . (Copy & paste the link to a new IE window, if necessary.)

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