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April Charney's open letter to attorneys who aren’t PSA literate but show up in court to protect their client’s homes.

How one VERY HONORABLE Florida Judge is ruling in foreclosure cases where these piles of manure are filed with the court and in our public land records. THANK YOU to Judge Traynor! FIRST KNOWN FLORIDA TRIAL COURT DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE!! (analysis here) & another similar Trayor ruling Judge Wolfe dismisses ANOTHER foreclosure case WITH prejudice! Order granting dismissal with prej.2.11.10(2).pdf

NY BK Judge Robert Gerber's ruling re: Chase Home Finance filing a fraudulent, fabricated, legally insuffi... evidencing nothing.

PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US! FL, 6/25 Hero Appreciation Day for Slayers of Illegal Foreclosures! Seminars! Networking! Fraudulent Doc Graveyard!

FL Circuit Court Rulings:
  1. Start here

Affidavits of Amounts Due and Owing (aka Affidavits of Indebtedness)

  1. A foreclosure defense lawyer's perspective
  2. Affidavits are Heresay Ruling in Florida trial court Ice Transcript Affidavits are Heresay.pdf
  3. Transcript objecting to Affidavits of Amounts Due and Owing with FL Case Law on evidentiary standards transcripthsbcvjohnson.ObjectADO.Weidner.pdf
  4. ADO stotts indymac FDLG.pdf
  5. Christina Allen ADO1.pdf
  6. Cook ADO.pdf
  7. Cook ADO2.pdf
  8. Whitney Cook Feb 2008.pdf
  9. Trowbridge ADO.pdf
  10. Hescott 2.pdf
  11. Hescott 3.pdf
  12. Hescott ADO.pdf
  13. FDLG Hescott NewTrak Cullaro.pdf
  14. Mary Cook ADO w printout.pdf
  15. ADO Cottrell CHF FDLG.pdf
  16. allen 2.pdf
  17. Ediba Trivuncic WAMU 12.2009.pdf

Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Employees signing as Grantor when they are employed by the lawyer for the Grantee (aka: the bank's lawyers are making up their own evidence to evict a family out of their American home)
  1. NY Judge Arthur Shack weighs in on this practice
  2. Elpiniki Bechakas NY Baum Mill Attorney.pdf
  3. Arango Assn1.pdf
  4. Arango Assignment MW1.pdf
  5. Christopher Bossman (employee of Conseuga Firm) Assignment.pdf
  6. Samons Assign Countrywide to BONYM.JPG Depo here
  7. Samons Unsigned Notarized Witnessed.pdf
  8. Samons Countrywide Assignment April 2010.pdf
  9. Caryn Graham, attorney at Marshall Watson sig version 1 HSBC.pdf
  10. Caryn Graham attorney at Marshall Watson sig version 2 CG2.pdf


  1. MERS Corp Secretary William Hultman April 7, 2010 4-7-10 William Hultman Deposition.pdf
  2. MERS Corp Secretary William Hultman Nov 11, 2009 MERS dep trans of William Hultman.- 11_11_09.pdf
  3. MERS CEO R K Arnold Sept 9, 2006 corporate rep depo rk arnold 9 25 2006.doc
  4. MERS CEO R K Arnold Sept 25, 2009 09-25-2009 Deposition of RK Arnold, CEO, MERS.doc
  5. Depositions


  1. 31208193-Final-Order-Dismissing-Sue-Sponte-Due-to-In-Completely-Ver...
  2. Albertelli Angela Vargas Wells Fargo.JPG
  3. BE Mare J Hinkle PHH Sevicer.JPG
  4. BE Margaret Dalton JPMC Duval, FL Notary.JPG
  5. BE Rick Miller BBT.JPG
  6. BenEzraVerification1.pdf
  7. Consuegra HSBC Maria Vadney.JPG
  8. Deutsche Alex Smith.JPG
  9. FDLG Alden Berner HSBC.JPG
  10. FDLG Alex Smith Wells Fargo.JPG
  11. FDLG Alden Berner HSBC.JPG
  12. FDLG Alex Smith Wells Fargo.JPG
  13. FDLG Carol A. Curry Wells Fargo.JPG
  14. FDLG Craig C Zecher Wells Fargo.JPG
  15. Gary J Gassel Lenders Verif. Darren Bronaugh.JPG
  16. Kass Shuler.2 Whitney Cook CHF.JPG
  17. LODZahm pg1 Alex Smith US Bank.JPG LODZahm pg2 Alex Smith.JPG
  18. Zahm Darren White.JPG
  19. MW Jeffrey Stephan US Bank LSO.JPG
  20. MW Margaret Dalton JPMC-SM.JPG
  21. SF pg2 Margaret Dalton.JPG
  22. BE Margaret Dalton JPMC Duval, FL Notary.JPG
  23. MW p1 Alex Smith notary Wells Fargo.JPG MW pg2 Alex Smith Wells Fargo.JPG
  24. MW pg1 Alden Berner Wells Fargo.JPG MW pg 2Alden Berner Wells Fargo.JPG
  25. MW Whitney K Cook Chase Home Finance (Ohio).JPG
  26. Cook Verification0603.pdf
  27. SF Beth Cottrell CHF.JPG
  28. SF Lance Bell BoA.jpg
  29. SF Mary Kist VP BAC Home Loans Servicing.JPG
  30. SHD Mill Attorney.JPG
  31. Stern Martinez Aurora.pdf
  32. Riley 2.pdf
  33. Mary Cook ADO w printout.pdfJPMorgan5yearslate.pdf
  34. Smith+Order+(dismissal+with+prej)+[2].pdf
  35. Kahane Brian Burnett Verified Deutsche Complaint MERS.pdf
  36. MW Debra Blavey Wells Fargo Verification.pdf
  37. MW Schollmeyer Citimortgage verification.pdf

  1. Bogus Assignments of Mortgage
  2. Shapiro Fishman Done in 2010 for a Washington Mutual trust closed in 2005 signed by Margaret Dalton JPMorgan5yearslate.pdf
  3. Time Travel Ocwen Mortgage Assignment
  4. bly citi 2009.02.13.pdf
  5. k smith v and asg.pdf
  6. Cook Citibank EMC 1_0003.pdf
  7. Bill Koch1.pdf
  8. Trowbridge and Cook ASG for Homebanc.pdf
  9. John Kennerty Wells Fargo.pdf
  10. Kathy Smith Aff Lost Asg.pdf
  11. OneWest Asg Brian Burnett.pdf
  12. Crystal Moore.jpg
  1. Allonge Amy Hawkins to 2 banks.JPG
  2. ASG Spohn Smith US Bank FDLG DHI.pdf
  3. Heisel JPMC Assignment.JPG
  4. Note had two allonges, one filled out Vogel Allonge Theresa Keller WF PL and sevicer Fannie Mae loan.pdf and one blank Vogel Allonge Blank.pdf Fannie Mae as investor per MERS MIN Lookup Vogel Complaint MERS MIN Fannie MW.pdf


  1. One Note; altered and both copies proffered as evidence in a foreclosure lawsuit.
  2. FDLG Doc Execut Sheet and Countrywide Assignment.pdf
  3. freddie1.pdf
  4. Unsigned Note1.pdf
  5. unsigned note1.pdf
  6. 32022516-Foreclosure-Fraud-by-Shapiro-Fishman-see-2nd-Affidavit-Los...
  7. Six Endorsments.pdf
  8. Beth Cottrell rep MERS.pdf
  9. Beth Cottress rep JP Morgan Chase.pdf
  10. Beth Cottress rep JP Morgan Chase2.pdf
  11. Cottrell US Bank NA atF Lehman 7-1-09.pdf
  12. 2008-00438 Double Signed note black N.JPG
  13. Affidavit of Lack of Service.pdf
  14. Doc Execut Sheet and Countrywide Assignment.pdf
  15. OH-NJ-FL-LA Assignment.JPG
  16. Sovereign v. Echevarria.pdf
  17. Agnew, Simovic, Faber.JPG
  18. sanchez FDLG & Albertelli.pdf
  19. Darren Bronaugh Aff Lost Instruments.pdf
  20. Darren Bronaugh Aff Final Judgment.pdf
  21. Darren BronaughVP SLS Verif.pdf
  22. Darren Bronaugh VP MERS for Chevy Chase Bank.pdf
  23. Riley 2.pdf
  24. Incomplete Assignment.pdf
  25. CHLBofALewisEtAl.pdf
  26. sanchez FDLG & Albertelli.pdf (Featured on Document of the Day here: 6/11/10)
  27. StipulatedJune20Amendment.pdf
  28. two page 5 of note.pdf
  29. Samons Assign Countrywide to BONYM.JPG
  30. Whitney K Cook MERS Amnet 2009 MW Asg.pdf
  31. Blank Asg FDLG.pdf
  32. Bethany Hood assignment Hood HSBC.pdf
  33. DocX Affidavit of Lost AOM Michelle Halyard.pdf
  34. Defunct Indymac records a satisfaction of mortgage in 2010 Indymac satisfaction.pdf
  35. TBW Note Complaint MERS MIN.pdf

Introducing the Cullaro trio of attorneys (Erin Cullaro, Lisa Cullaro, John Cullaro)
  1. The Cullaros here and here and here and here
  2. Erin Cullaro dual employment agreement. Only can do outside work on certain days. See page 8 here.
  3. Erin Cullaro, Wells Fargo, Vice President of Loan Documentation
  4. 2010.03.26 Cullaro Affidavits 1.pdf
  5. 2010.03.31 Cullaro x 2.pdf
  6. Cullaro Jan 2010.pdf
  7. 2010.03.31 LisaCullaroSignature.pdf
  8. Cullaro Sig.JPG
  9. Cullaro Sig2.JPG
  10. Cullaro July 2008.pdf
  11. Cullaro Sig3.JPG
  12. Cullaro Sig4.JPG
  13. Cullaro sig5 2010.06.01.JPG
  14. Cullaro sig6.JPG
  15. Cullaro sig7.JPG
  16. Cullaro Th.JPG
  17. cullaro 2009.06.pdf
  18. cullaro 2009.04_0001.pdf
  19. Cullaro2.pdf
  20. cullaro 3.pdf
  21. cullaro 4.pdf
  22. Cullaro Summer 09.pdf
  23. 2008.01.04 Cullaro.pdf
  24. Cullaro 3.2008.pdf
  25. Cullaro Notice of LP 2006.pdf

Foreclose so the banks can cover unpaid HOA Fee Propoganda response
  1. Terracina v Fannie Mae Unpaid HAO fees.pdf

MBIA Insurer sues Credit Suisse (item #1) and Indymac (item #2)

  2. MBIA v Indymac
  3. CS1.pdf
  4. CS2.pdf
  5. CS3.pdf
  6. CS5.pdf
  7. CS6.pdf
  8. CS7.pdf

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Comment by ∞ૐ∞ rachel ∞ૐ∞ on June 21, 2011 at 5:39pm

I need to find other signatures for:

Stephanie Spurlock: Western Progressive LLC as Trustee

Marco Marquez: Western Progressive / LSI Title

Robin Pape: Western Progressive, Trustee sales assistant & Notary, Huntington Beach CA & or GA

Scott W. Anderson: Ocwen, MERS

Lauren Gold: Notary, FL

Cristina Carter: V.P MERS

Elsie Ramirez: Notary, FL

The foreclosure mill being used on us is Law Offices of Les Zieve who's address is the same as Western Progressive LLC.

18377 Beach Blvd Suite 210

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

I've already got Notary applications from Christina Carter and Elsie Ramirez. Neither of the signatures match. I go to court on Monday June 27th! Any help would be amazing!

Comment by L on June 10, 2010 at 7:28pm
Comment by L on June 10, 2010 at 5:42pm
FL, 6/25 Hero Appreciation Day for Slayers of Illegal Foreclosures! Seminars! Networking! Fraudulent Doc Graveyard!
Comment by L on June 10, 2010 at 4:50pm
Emailed today:

Mr. Cain,

It was very nice meeting you in the file room yesterday afternoon.

Let's set up a date next week when I will cover the cost of one of your file room clerks to be assigned the duty of overseeing my scanning activities. Please let me know the hourly cost for this service.

Thank you for working with me on this project! It's much appreciated.

Comment by L on June 10, 2010 at 9:03am
On 6/9/2010 at 4:30pm, Mark Cain (561-355-6109), supervisor of the file room in the 15th Judicial Circuit informed me that I am to cease and desist all scanning activity. I was given two options: pay the $1/page copying fee and then scan the copied document or arrange to pay the hourly wage of one of their file clerks to directly observe my scanning activities.

The most annoying part of that cease and desist order is that the excuse given to me was that the fees were necessary to keep the court running.

I’ve been emailing the chief judge for months regarding the lack of FL Supreme Court verifications and the revenue opportunity that exists if across the board dismissals were instituted followed by a requirement to refile and remit a new filing fee (up to $1,900 each). That’s a heck of a lot more revenue than the supposed $1/page scanning requirement!
Comment by KT ~ME~ on June 8, 2010 at 6:11pm
Great work L...:)


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