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My friends, I desperately need your help. After reviewing my Assignment of Deed of Trust I noticed some things that were definitely wrong. The assignment is with Citi Mortgage. The first thing I notice is that it was dated July 26, 2013, which is really crazy because the transaction was conducted back in 2006. The second thing that jumped out at me was the Signature. It is signed by a Geraldine Ann Belinski and her title is Vice President, so I decided to track down this Vice President. I finally reached the office where she worked at Citi Mortgage and I asked to speak to Vice President Belinski. Low and behold the Gentleman that answered the phone stated that she was not the vice president but a mere processor. So armed with that information and some issues with my second mortgage with Wells Fargo, which is securitized I decided to file a complaint with the Office of Comptroller of Currency. My complaint was based on the fact that there is a Cease and Desist order against both banks to stop the robo signing. I have not yet received a response from Wells Fargo, but Citi responded by saying "Our records indicate Geraldine A. Belinski is a certified appointed signor for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc." What I need help with is, I need to know if she can in fact work for Citi and be a certified appointed signor for MER's as they stated. Also is she signing the document as a Citi Vice President or MERS Vice President. I need to know because if this is in fact illegal Im going to keep pushing this up the Government Chain of Command until I get some answers. It makes no sense to me that they would initiate a Cease and Desist Order and not take any action when the banks are still clearly doing this. The other thing I am trying to find out is if the Citi Mortgage is a securitized loan. I know for a fact that my second lien is with Wells Fargo and it is Void because they posted it years after the cut off date.  Thanks for your help in this matter James. 443-677-2799.

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Comment by Darrell Kanka on February 12, 2014 at 6:05pm

With all of the above my readings of law and case law, judges opinions, indictate that you must show how any alledged fraud or irregularity had caused, or will cause, you prejudice/ harm. That your complaint is of issue that the court might offer relief.  See my blog here SUE YOUR MILL or check and see if you might find any similarity in cases there to your situation.    


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