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CHICAGO Homeowners In Foreclosure Need To Stand Up Against WAMU, Chase, Heavner Scott Beyers Law Firm, Fisher Shapiro, Pierce & Associates

Homeowners in Chicago, please take notice of what is happening in Florida. The homeowners there are fighting back. They have uncovered the alleged JP Morgan Chase robo-signers such as Margaret Dalton, Barbara Hindman, Nura Nadarevic, Flornina Munoz, Damir Pekusic etc.

I am in Chicago Cook County and have Margaret Dalton on my affidavits. We need to get together and share names and documents of these individuals so we can uncover these people in Chicago.

Law firms working for the banks such as Heavner Scott Beyers, Fisher Shapiro, Pierce & Associates need to be exposed for facilitating the fraud upon homeowners.

People in Chicago, I ask that you review your foreclosure documents and share the names of any signers of any affidavits in your file along with their supposed position.

Margaret Dalton has signed affidavits as a VP for Chase, MERS, Bank of America, and on and on. Most likely that affidavits in your file contain signatures of a robo-signer.

You can go to the Daley Center in downtown Chicago and go to the 8th floor with your case number and fill out a short request to see your file. It takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have your file, go through the papers until you get the affidavit which can be from 1-3 pages long. Make sure you bring quarters with you and they have a copy machine for your use at a cost of 25 cents per page.

Please share the names of the signers on this post.

Check most internet bolgs on Foreclosure. Over 90% of people are in Florida. We need to do the same in Chicago!

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Comment by Chris Monto on October 18, 2010 at 9:59pm
Is she signing as Nina Manuz or Munoz?
Comment by EB on October 18, 2010 at 7:28pm
So we have the same person using two names to hide her identity with the same notary. It also appears as if the signature is a stamp. Take a close look at it.
Comment by EB on October 18, 2010 at 7:23pm
Just so that you know, someone called a number at her workplace after hours and it turned out to be LPS. So it looks like she is not a chase employee. Yes she is also signing as Nina Manuz
Comment by Chris Monto on October 18, 2010 at 7:12pm
On one paper she is notarizing a document signed by a "VP" of Chase and on another document she is signing as a witness to a MERS assignment to Chase
Comment by EB on October 18, 2010 at 5:25pm
Chris what is Munoz signing as on those papers? and what papers is she signing?
Comment by Chris Monto on October 18, 2010 at 4:29pm
The reason it was recorded by the recorder of deeds office is that these people bring in hundreds of documents at a time to record and they do a bulk recording where no one really checks if the document being recorded is valid or not.

Thanks for the comment. Keep fighting them. The truth will come out at some point!
Comment by bruja6kids on October 18, 2010 at 1:59pm
Hi Chris -
We've been fighting Wells Fargo in Chicago circuit court since 12/2008 case 2008CH44742. Wells Fargo retaliated with a foreclosure complaint 8 months after we recinded our loan, and we filed Fed suit 4/6/2009 (on Pacer, 1:09cv02115, ILND).
Jill D. Rein, managing attorney for Pierce & Associates (the firm representing Wells Fargo in the foreclosure complaint) recorded an affidavit of assignment 30 days after the complaint was filed, on the same day we made appearance. The affidavit is titled "Assignment of Mortgage" but no copy of an assignment is recorded. Also, the affidavit is not dated by the affiant Jill Rein nor by the notary Amber Cowan. In the affidavit, Jill Rein poses as an officer of MERS (employee, then, of Wells Fargo) and swears that an assignment of the mortgage, note, and premises, for value and consideration and without warranty or recourse, "is hereby made" on an unspecified date prior to the date of foreclosure complaint. She swears that MERS is hereby making assignment on behalf of the Lender, Draper & Kramer.
Draper & Kramer sold the fraudulently-induced loan in July, 2005, the same month that we refinanced our home, so Jill Rein is committing perjury on the affidavit. We are surprised that the Recorder of Deeds allowed it to be filed, as is isn't even dated. We have three different versions of the note alleged by Wells Fargo to be true copies. Last month's version given to us has an endorsement from Draper & Kramer to Wells Fargo (by Kathleen Lynch, who signs as an agent of Draper & Kramer), and a Wells Fargo endorsement in blank (Asst VP Scott M Swanson). Funny it took them a whole 56 months to come up with that last version, which we believe to be fake.
We discovered a few things - we believe Kathleen Lynch is the COO of Merrill Lynch. Jill D. Rein is the co-chair of the Mortgage Bankers Association as well as a Pierce & Associates lead attorney. The attorney defending Wells Fargo and MERS (jointly!) in our Federal complaint is Robert Emanuel of Deutch, Levy & Engel. Robert Emanuel is also chair of Mortgage Bankers Association.
We would like to know if anyone else has Jill Rein, Kathleen Lynch, or Amber Cowan on any of thier files.
We are necessarily pro se in both cases, we cannot afford the attorney retainers and we were denied appointed council in both cases, although we have 8 in family and are living paycheck-paycheck.
Hope this helps.


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