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CFPB, FTC and States Announce Sweep Against Foreclosure Relief Scammers

CFPB Files Suits for Operations that Used Deception and False Promises to Collect More than $25 Million in Illegal Fees from Distressed Homeowners

See this link for more :

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Kalicki Update

An unpublished opinion was issued just before the 4th of July in which the appellate Opinion referenced the underlying ruling in a San Diego trial court. The homeowner invested $250k in attorney fees, much to the surprise of Chase, and won his case. The appeal is about the fees Chase has to pay the homeowner. On pg. 12 of the Opinion the trial court is credited with stating that Chase admitted forging an assignment and recording it in an attempt of grand theft. The appellate court quickly…


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SUE YOUR MILL ... (w/case law and def.)

                                            LOANS DESIGNED TO FAIL

It is now more than evident that subprime loans, or any mortgage loans, were designed, or had no option but, to fail so that money could be made throughout the process by all involved then finally on insurance covering the REMIC, based on original loan amount, as well as CDS's (credit default swaps) the property retained and sold once more into the scam. "Gee Mom .. all the kids were…


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Foreclosures in florida

My friend Paul Costello is currently fighting in court with his bank, Wells Fargo, who refuses to allow him to pay off his mortgage despite clear indications in the paperwork that he be allowed to do so. Unfortunately, due to work, I was unable to be present with him in court.

-Zachariah McNaughton

Added by Zachariah McNaughton on June 24, 2014 at 5:59pm — 1 Comment

Foreclosure sale cancelled 2012

A friend of mine, had a dismissal of foreclosure sale back on April 2012. Yesterday, came and found a locks changed and lock box on door. There has been no activity in court since the dismissal, but about four assignments.  He called the company who put paper work on door and was told they you get the lock box today, well that didn't happen.  Anyone know what else can be done?

Check clerk of courts and property appraisal and it his still in his name.

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Canada's Foreclosure cirisis

Looking for more links. Thanks.

-Zachariah McNaughton

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Force-Placed Insurance Suit Against Citibank, MidFirst bank Proceeds

Force-Placed Insurance Suit Against Citibank, MidFirst Proceeds


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Federal judge reopens Wells Fargo foreclosure case

A federal judge wants Wells Fargo — the nation’s largest mortgage servicer — to reveal the procedures described in itscontroversial Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual…


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A New Tactic in CA

I heard about this argument being presented in a CA appellate case. I haven't seen the ruling on it yet, so use at your own risk.

California case law has followed the feds in agreeing that the civil statute that governs the non-judicial process, 2924, is "all inclusive". Since the statute does not specifically state a borrower has the right to…


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Fort Lauderdale attorney sentenced in Rothstein Ponzi scheme

  the South Florida Business Journal Afternoon Edition Newsletter


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Most Current QWR (Fed laws)

This is what to use to determine the lender / beneficiary of your loan - link to letter

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Post-foreclosure Refunds AKA What's Wrong With This Picture

Consider the following ruling in a CA trial court of dealing with the proceeds of a non-judicial foreclosure.

 Case Number: KS017884    Hearing Date: May 27, 2014    Dept: O

Regional Service Corporation v. All Claimants to Surplus Funds After Trustee’s Sale of Real Property Located at: SoCAL (KS017884)



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Bankers killing bankers for the insurance money and another look at 9/11

Bankers killing bankers for the insurance money and another look at 9/11

Max Keiser, the host of RT's ‘Keiser Report,’ is a former stockbroker, the inventor of the virtual specialist technology, virtual currencies, and prediction markets.…


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