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Georgia Regulator Slaps Cease and Desist Order on Lender

For Georgia:

Georgia Regulator Slaps Cease and Desist Order on Lender

Georgia Regulator Slaps Cease and Desist Order on Lender

Now here is something you don’t see often in today’s era of excess regulation: A mortgage…


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Fraud Claim Against M&T Bank Revived

Fraud Claim Against M&T Bank Revived

NY Appellate Court not giving M&T/Goldman a way out like they were given by the Supreme Court Judge… Do Supreme Court Judges like to have their decisions overturned??? : )


In August, 2011, CIFG Assurance North America, Inc., filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against Goldman Sachs and M&T Bank Corp., alleging “fraud…


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Former Maryland M&T Bank employee sentenced for role in mortgage Fraud!!

Former Maryland M&T Bank employee sentenced for role in mortgage Fraud

Former Maryland M&T Bank employee sentenced for role in mortgage…


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SUE YOUR MILL ... (w/case law and def.)

                                            LOANS DESIGNED TO FAIL

It is now more than evident that subprime loans, or any mortgage loans, were designed, or had no option but, to fail so that money could be made throughout the process by all involved then finally on insurance covering the REMIC, based on original loan amount, as well as CDS's (credit default swaps) the property retained and sold once more into the scam. "Gee Mom .. all the kids were…


Added by Darrell Kanka on April 14, 2015 at 6:38pm — 26 Comments

Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires

“No one gets a free house,” Judge Michael B. Kaplan of the United States Bankruptcy Court in Trenton wrote in an opinion late last year, reflecting what he characterized as a longstanding “admonition” he and others made during the foreclosure crisis. But after effectively ending a New Jersey homeowner’s foreclosure case in November because the state’s six-year statute of limitations had expired, he wrote in his opinion, “With a proper measure of disquiet and chagrin, the court now must…


Added by KT ~ME~ on March 30, 2015 at 6:45pm — 1 Comment

Obama’s Foreclosure Relief Program Was Designed to Help Bankers, Not Homeowners!

 President Obama will carry several legacies into his final two years in office: a long-sought health care reform, a fiscal stimulus that limited the impact of the Great Recession, a rapid civil rights advance for gay and lesbian Americans. But if Obama owns those triumphs, he must also own this tragedy: the dispossession of at least 5.2 million US homeowner families, the explosion of inequality, and the largest ruination of middle-class wealth in nearly a century.…


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Why foreclosure and securitization don't mix ...

A few years back, folks in the banking industry had an interesting idea: Take thousands of mortgage loans, assemble them into a pool, and issue mortgage-backed securities against the revenue stream they generate. The process, known as securitization, has proved itself to be one of mind-boggling complexity.

Added by KT ~ME~ on February 23, 2015 at 5:55pm — 1 Comment

Hillary Clinton ADMITS The CIA Started & Funded Al Qaeda

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Michael Kass lawyer in Tampa,continues with the RIP-OFF LIST OF DAVID STERN.

In years past I fought a sudden attack from 5 different agents, in 3 different states, claiming we owed mortgage payments.  Fabricated documents came from Texas, Georgia, FL  each represented claimed they represented BofA putting our property thru foreclosure.  The criminals got me for $10,000.00 in 1998, my lawyer made sure be present the day of Auction at the LEE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.  They did try to proceed until he showed the receipt for payments.  The plan was to creat another case in a…


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Goldman Sachs, HSBC, BASF sued in first US metals price manipulation case

Goldman Sachs, HSBC, BASF sued in first US metals price manipulation case


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We Need Your Help The war is ON I will Not back down

This is my home 49 years running and I'm still in my home and I Need your help Read my blog

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Wells Fargo and Attorney illegal Foreclosure

How can Wells Fargo and their Attorney’s get away with this?

I am writing this letter to Virginia Bar Association as well as the Maryland Attorney Grievance Committee. First of all I know that this was an illegal foreclosure and do not agree with either of your assessments. Please examine all of the singed Attorney documents, and filed court documents and foreclosure documents. You will see that these documents are all dated back in February time frame, then take a look at the DOT…


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Dan Benham "Banks and Banking"

Lots of good reads and audio information ...

Added by KT ~ME~ on October 26, 2014 at 1:31pm — No Comments

Does this make sense to you?

I came across the most recent rendering of (in)justice in the Brian Davies case today. The 9th Circuit presented the argument that Davies was not a party to the PSA and therefore unable to challenge the standing of its participants. This is the crux argument used…


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Still in the fight

Hello everyone,

We went to court yesterday and were granted a stay from an unlawful detainer action brought about by FNMA. The thing that baffles me about this whole procedure is the so called trustee started the foreclosure after being served with a law suite by us. They went ahead with the sale anyway. Apparently the law suite does not stop the foreclosure sale. The banks defense yesterday was that we waved our rights to contest the sale by not responding to the trustee letter.…


Added by Dan Lambrecht on September 26, 2014 at 9:02am — 4 Comments

Help in NJ

Hi. was wondering if there is anyone else on here in NJ familiar with foreclosure defense. I am learning a lot here but an attorney I am not. Thanks. JM

Added by John Mason on September 18, 2014 at 12:27am — No Comments

Bank of America fraud.

Hi. I am writing you in reference to my fight with Bank of America. About 5 years ago I was put out on disability due to heart, respiratory and back problems. Throw in a divorce from a 25 year marriage with 4 now grown children{ the best thing that happened in my life) and my life has become a mess. Financially I was no longer able to afford my monthly mortgage payment. They had been slowly raising it also. I started out with Countrywide at $1167.00 a month. Within several months BofA…


Added by John Mason on September 3, 2014 at 10:51pm — 10 Comments

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