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Mortgage Fraud explained for the average person

Started this discussion. Last reply by Angry&NOT TAKING IT May 12, 2011. 6 Replies

Im came across this article while researching my mortgage fraud, the layout is quite nice and easy to comprehend...It explains the process of a mortgage from start to finish!  Continue

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Which state do you live in? (2 letter)
How did you find out about this site?
Where are you in the foreclosure process?
Served with papers in a judicial state, Defending my home
How many months have you tried to work with your unresponsive loan servicer?

 Im so pleased to be apart of this website, thanks so much to those who made it possible... Ace, Capt, Lisa and Lela

Im just beginning to start my fight to save my home, I started researching March 2, 2010 and I haven't stopped since. I have researched several hundreds of hours just trying to learn the banking industry...
Everything that goes along with a mortgage foreclosure is over whelming, so I decided to start at the beginning...

I got started by typing "FORECLOSURE" in a google search and clicked on everything that was listed, this is when I landed on a site called ...Here I found a post called "Guide To Looking up Public Records" and from there I was well on my way to finding the fraud on my mortgage papers...

It all started with an assignment of mortgage/deed of trust, (something I had never seen nor heard of) while armed with my recent knowledge of looking up my public records, I was able to quickly spot my fraudulent signer listed below...

Mary Jo McGowan-Signer
Maria Leonor Gerholdt-Notary

I have found that Mary Jo McGowan is listed on my papers as VP of Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis, signing over to MERS as nominee for CtiMortgage Inc... She is also claiming to be,


Chase Home Finance (affidavit)
Chase Manhattan (affidavit)
Chase Home Finance
Chase Bank USA N.A.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis
Washington Mutual
MERS (Satisfaction)

At one time is was also a notary...

Notary Notary ID: 1012235
Last Name: MCGOWAN
First Name: MARY JO
Middle Name: Josephine
Birth Date: 07/02/49
Transaction Type: NEW
Certificate: DD 236404
Status: EXP
Issue Date: 07/31/03
Expire Date: 07/30/07
Bonding Agency: Florida Notary Association, Inc,
Mailing Address: HUDSON, FL 34667

She was once employed with  NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING  located in Pinella's county Palm Harbor FLORIDA, this is where all of my fraud is coming from...I believe her notary is still employed there.  MARIA L. GERHOLDT

Anyone with any information, direction, a good laugh, knowledge in finding my investors would be much appreciated!!!

Blessings to all,
Willing to fight for what I believe in and willing to help others along the way.


KT ~ME~'s Blog

Where does the "FRAUD" begin...

Posted on January 2, 2014 at 11:34am 1 Comment

This document is meant to take the reader down a road they have likely never traveled. This is a layman’s explanation of what has been happening in this country that most have no idea or inkling of.

Three lawyers face disciplinary hearing in Maine over ‘robo-signing’ scandal...

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 2:15pm 0 Comments

Way to go MAINE... Lets light up this article with comments, and post it everywhere! This is the case done by "THOMAS COX" where the Nation woke up to the "Robo Signing"!!


Posted on December 9, 2013 at 5:30pm 0 Comments


Start at 38 mins. 45 secs. and pay careful attention to what you see.

This repository came into existence in 1913 when the Jesuit CROWN/VATICAN banking cabal took control of U.S. fiat currency. This was the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT OF 1913.

At 41 mins. 42 secs. you'll see: "OATH OF OFFICE FOR UNITED STATES JUDGES."

At 42 mins. 2…


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At 11:51pm on January 29, 2014, Sally Vollenweider said…

Thank you!

At 1:46pm on January 9, 2014, Constance Sutton said…

Anyone who has a loan serviced by Ocwen needs to read the Consent Order (Exhibit A Servicing Standards). Good luck to all and am glad to be a member of this group-thanks to KT.

At 12:24am on November 26, 2013, Jarid H. said…
Thank You!
I hope to find info that can keep the wolves away. I am finding out how crooked servicing companys are.
At 7:50pm on October 30, 2013, Liz said…

Thanks KT for welcoming me aboard. I am trying to get familiar with the site. I have 40 days before my sale date.  I just found there was an order of default in Dec 2011. The attorney I hired never filed an answer. I don't know what to do? Who can I trust at this point? Really looking forward to whatever knowledge and/or resources this site provides. Thank you for accepting me!

At 2:45pm on October 30, 2013, Carolyn Frazier said…
Thank you, I am hoping to get some help, if any , or support for our upcoming , forclousere- no letter yet , but have spent 13 months , on what thought we had, a trial payment to lower our high house payment , not sure where our money went, what to do, BAC will not respond, we cannot contact our regular bank, as they have no information , SCARED!! Help
At 12:25am on September 13, 2013, John Nicol said…

Thank you, KT;

This site already has been useful.  I would never have found the information that Jackie put online about World Savings without it.  World Savings has been a hard nut to crack because they hid their securitization in private offerings.  I haven't found my loan yet, but I am closer than I ever have been to doing so.

Here in Portland, Oregon, a group of endangered homeowners has come together to share information.  One of the easiest things to do has been to exchange copies of the notarized documents that we have received from our trustees, for there is only a handful of these foreclosure mills operating in the Northwest, and we often have them in common.   We compare the signatures, purportedly by the same corporate official or notary public.  We obtain the official signature of the notary as registered with the state of residence.  The forgeries are quite obvious.

Finding the right attorney took years.  Adjectives like cowardly, lazy and untrustworthy just seemed to stick  to attorneys like steel to a magnet.  We think that we are in good hands now.

Aside from the legal path, there is a movement in Portland, loosely linked to similar movements in other cities, which puts people back in their homes and guards the homes.  I am involved in this.  It can get pretty exciting.

At 6:49pm on August 28, 2013, Carl Collicott said…

Thank you, its nice to find a form to post information that i've amassed during my 15 years of legal research, sorry its all cut and paste from the law books, I trust the elucidaion to those better gifted.

At 3:25pm on August 26, 2013, cynthia morelli said…

thanks hope to enjoy the site

At 1:49pm on August 6, 2013, Dena Knox said…

Thank you. I am glad I joined. I live in Georgia where they seem to do things a lot different. I need a good and reasonable attorney that also practices in NY.

At 11:01am on August 6, 2013, fighting for rights said…

Thanks, I am sure it will be. Like others I am fighting mad to save my home from these thieves. All I asked for in 2008 was to be taken out of my neg am loan into a fixed rate for 30 years and they refused, then the old if you get behind we can give you a modification lie.


onward we fight the big bad ONE WORST (west) BANK aka IndyMac

At 3:46am on August 2, 2013, DONNY HERRIN said…


Thank you for checking on me.

I actually haven't had much time to "surf" the last couple of weeks.

Very busy with my litigation.

The good news is, however, PNC Bank who had brought foreclosure action against  me exactly one year ago this month filed a Motion to Dismiss the action today based on a HUD violation the Judge allowed me to raise in a last minute amended complaint. A subsequent conference call with the Bank's attorney's produced a one-sided negotiation/proposal to w/draw my complaint.  I rejected the offer.  The Motion for Dismissal followed.  I look for them to refile and follow correct procedures next time.  It is nonetheless at least a victory for the time being.  I will be better prepared when they return. It will now provide for more time on the site for further research.

I am also seeking individuals in the Central Illinois area who may be, or have been in the past, victims of PNC/National City foreclosure proceedings.  These individuals may have been subjected to the same violations that I prevailed on.  I am hoping to pursue a class-action lawsuit against PNC/National City.

Again, thank you for your inquiry.


At 6:31pm on August 1, 2013, T~B 'FLA' said…

Thank you SO Much ! I have been hoping to get membership. This is a great day.

All my best,


At 4:12pm on July 8, 2013, DONNY HERRIN said…

Thank you, KT.

I hope it helps.  I'm at the desperation stage. Been pro-se litigating w/ bank attorneys who specialize in foreclosure for last 6 months. I am a paralegal but foreclosure is not in my skill set so learning by mistake as I go.

Hope "Hamlet" can offer some help.


At 4:07pm on July 4, 2013, Jon Soulliere said…
Has anyone in the swap derivatives side ever come forward,with any verification, or proof that Bear Stearns, jpMorganchase,&Wells,take positions against the same clients(the mortgages in the securities they servicing) I felt the aggressive grip, chase became my servicer when my Novelle 1st was sold to UBS as part of MASTR MABS 2006-HE1 Wells Fargo master servicer handles the Fremont Savings & Loan portion, Chase does the balance, Bear Stearns & UBS AG got the Swaps (the Bookies) probably w/ AIG as the Patsy. The year 2006 no problem, never heard an unpleasant word, August 2007 1st adjustment, my payment went from $2,500-$3,700, suddenly Chase is compelled to open Escrow for $17,000. To cover my taxes for the next few years, bumping my 50% payment increase up to $4,300. By October the same month I got the letter that warned about January going to $5,400. Pretty good opportunity to bet,you think? It get's better in 2008 Bear Stearns gets replaced by Chase as the swaps provider, now they service me and take and make bets on me Nice. First Mod July 2008 adds on 38-40k to upside principal, cancelled 30 days after swallowing $7,900 lump sum downpayment. This was for lack of subordination agreement signed by EMC, whom bought 2nd from Novelle earlier in 2007,EMC was already part of Chase. So the modification that took a year lost doc's 2 times, wasn't okayed, by their own Company, something they knew 100% about, never discussed in over 50 phone, in parenthesis on the last sentence page 6. Caused me to go right back into Default, recomended a forebearance plan @ $5400. The mod would have been $1960. Below my original $2500. My 2 nd was $1125, made those always, quit the first after going through all savings April 2008-4 months @$5443+$1125, tell me they were not betting against Loan # 29 in the Alt-A trache, one year later + $80k to principal and no subordination Necessary. Now suddenly Ocwen is taking over, how nothing in county recorders office, title wise, nothing w/ SEC re security
At 10:27am on June 15, 2013, anthony billburg said…


At 5:57pm on June 11, 2013, Ray C. said…

Thank You KT!

At 8:58pm on June 2, 2013, tarrying said…

Thank you KT...I stumbled over this site as I am researching on how to posture ourselves for foreclosure defense.  Received Mod from Servicer that doubled our monthly -- I guess this is not a Mod at all!  Because I have reason to believe they may not have the mortgage documents in place (they are the third servicer from originator) because after two missed months of missed payments --$5K, they issued a demand letter for $300K+.

Thus, I issued and served a Qualified Written Request (template from Operation Restoration) which honestly I do  not have a firm grasp of those items in the letter (all 24 items).  I will wait for their answer in 30 days.

In the meantime, we are scheduled to meet a BK Ch 13 in a couple of days and my question ---maybe some folks in this forum may know the answer:

1.  Can we challenge the debt validity/amount that the servicer would present during the BK Ch13 proceedings.

2.  Also, if we cannot get appropriate responses to the QWR - can we challenge the adversary during the proceedings.

I have also looked at the Forensic Audit of our Mortgage Documents done in June 2010 (documents dated 2006) with shown serious violations by Lender/Servicer.  I was wondering if this still holds any value given any "statute of limitations".  I have heard about a "Revocation of Power of Attorney" (ref Operations Restoration) to bring the adversary to file a "judicial foreclosure proceeding" if need be and attach what they call "Criminal Affidavit" based on these violations.  Would appreciate any feedback or input to help us.

ASSET PROTECTION  --- i.e. Family Life Partnership --legal title to the residential property gets transferred to the "TRUST".  Anyone heard of this thing?  They say California is a "one action state" meaning lender can choose to foreclose, or pursue debt collection.  If the title is in the trust, creditor can only pursue debt collection.

Thoughts anyone?

Thank you much in advance for any info you can share to help in our decisio-making.  BTW, the property is under water and MERS record shows INACTIVE STATUS.

(Side note -- 2nd mortgage defaulted in 2009.  GMAC filed BK Ch 11 recently and OCWEN claims they took over the servicing.  However, they could not procure evidence in answer to our Debt Validation.  They then farmed out the collection to a collection agency showing different creditor but payment to OCWEN - same account number.  I just issued a DV to Collection Agent, now I get a letter from OCWEn - first that they are looking into this matter, then followed by another letter indicating it was, by mistake routed to them thus they have rerouted back to Collection Agency.  I just issued both of them a CEASE AND DESIST LETTER indicating I will only deal with original creditor.  I thought I would share this info in this forum).  Honestly speaking I do not know what I am doing ---all I know, when I DV'd OCWEN -- they updated Credit Bureau records to show account to be "CLOSED, PAID" -- matching that of GMAC's.  MERS Record shows Ocwen as servicer, but NO INVESTOR on record.  I figured Ocwen is a servicer --they cannot possibly own the note...thoughts anyone??

At 9:39pm on May 30, 2013, marymcculley said…

gee thanks! haven't been online much... poison ivy..

At 3:24pm on May 29, 2013, applessence , Calif. said…

KT, thank you for warm welcome.  This is definitely an "adventure"....amazing amount of research you did on your signers and notaries.  Did it help to have that info?

At 12:56pm on May 20, 2013, willie johnson said…

Thanks, KT.

 If the government made lenders pay a $20B fine regarding bogus assignments, and the lenders paid the fine, do you have an obligation to pay the bogus asignee? I think not;however, you may differ.  MERS being involved should make the assignment bogus.



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