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Hook up with others who have the same signatories transferring your home from one financial entity to another or testifying to facts of your alleged loan or testifying to owed attorneys fees or answering interrogatories, providing facts regarding the foreclosure of your home, etc, etc, etc.

The individuals named below are not accused of wrong-doing or fraudulent activity or criminal fabrication of any sort.


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Comment by Chuck Asher on December 20, 2011 at 3:50pm

I work for the Law Firm Paul Krasker P.A. in W.P.B Fl. i am looking for any information on a

 Nancy Bronson from EMC or Bear Stearns if you have anyting please let me know

561-801-7944 or thanks  

Comment by Allan Richards on December 14, 2011 at 10:28am

Does anyone here live in Tarrant County, TX... or knows someone that does?

Comment by Linda Moriarity on December 13, 2011 at 10:45pm

I have Mary Ann Heirman as MERS Asst Sec on assignment of deed ot trust dated 6/13/11 notarized by David Mayo both LA county for BofA.  And a Yolanda D Jackson BofA Asst VP & Notarized by Maxine P Luster, in Tx on 10/6/11.  And a Notice of Default from Quality Loan Svc Corp of San Diego signed by Rachel C Hamburg, asst sec dated 10/20/11 as trustee. 

Comment by Shelley Erickson on November 30, 2011 at 2:05pm

See Shelley's comments below!  Malik Basurto is a familiar name.   Also type in the name and then robo signer after and if they are already exposed on the internet they often come up  on the web under their name with robo signer typed in after it.

Comment by Hammer'sMom on November 30, 2011 at 6:08am

ISO Malik Basurto, Luis Roldan, Tina LeRaybaud, Dominique Johnson, Marcellus Ellis, Mary Ann Hierman and Lacy Spera.


Comment by Edward P. Sager on November 30, 2011 at 4:10am

Looking for any information about Trina M. Glover, VP Loan Documentation for Wells Fargo Bank, NA, or Trina M. Glover, VP of Loan Documentation, Bank of America, NA.


My research suggests she lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys working for Bank of America as a Bankruptcy Specialist.


Thank you for any assistance.

Comment by Shelley Erickson on November 20, 2011 at 2:54pm

When you read the Bevilaqua case and the Houston we have a problem, you will see this is significant land mark case law waiting to be tapped in your state to get our homes back in a court case.  I have already sent mine into the Appeals court with this newly found informantion never available before most urgent notice, in the State of Washington. Look up Washington State V. RECONTRUST; you can beat your case is the same as this case filed by our AG with the possible exception if you are not being sought by RECONTRUST AND BOA, that BOA solely owns RECONTRUST WHICH IS A NO NO.  All else will apply, they all did the same thing and are so above the law they are not lawfull registered or licensed to do business in any state or most any state.

Comment by Shelley Erickson on November 20, 2011 at 2:48pm

Alan go to wwwwhatsignature and here are some already posted web sites of your party you are looking for.  Type in their name with robo signer after and you will often find a lot about them.  Also Lynn Szymonak at Fraud Digest has a lot of help for you and look at the top of it to the left and click depositions.  There are already depositions from some of these frauds involved in your pretender lenders and debt collectors that have spilled the beans and robo signers are among them.  You need to look up and request the information on the robo signers signature where they are bonded and licensed and check it for being forged.  Also type in Houston We have a problem Bevilqua V. Rodriguez and then just the case by itself and you can down load this case.  Then look up the Ibanez case .   Also since this is probable WAMU look up the Chase/WAMU assumption agreement and then the Chase/WAMU assumption extention agreement and read they never assumed the mortgages and the PSA's were transferred to late and are "VOID" due to the extention and Chase V. FDIC and Deutsche Bank Nat'l Trust V FDIC they state in their own hands the PSA's per the NEW YORK PSA agreements/contracts (and most all if not all PSA's are controllec by NewYork law ) are breached VOID and charged off after 180 days, is why I believe the debt5 collectors are pretending they own them, because if the real lender came after them it would be double dipping and securites fraud.  That is why during your battle you must send a letter of objection and denial to every letter from the " see on their letter, it always claims they are the debt collector that is the truth" the real truth the conceal is they are a debt collector but have no authority to collect your alleged debt you do not owe and you are aware of the PSA being chardged of and the alledged debt is void and uncollectable.  Then state they are unlawfully attempting to collect a debt they do not own.  If you admit in any way you owe a debt you do not owe, or ignore their letters they can lawfully become the owner of a debt you do not owe, by you reupping it by verbal agreement or by letter.  Look up the PSA law in New York.  The lawsuits tell a lot and the Ibanez case and the Bevilagua case are landmark law.   Then type in what ever your lender is and add mortgage fraud  or mortgage modification fraud.   Add case law to the front and do the same and you will find lots of cases already against them.   Then go to your Washington state licensesfor banks, lenders, financial institutions, and what ever and then go to the ?state (like Wasington State Corporations and click on search and find if they are licensed by the laws of your state, most are not.  If they are not they are violating your state CPA laws and Your state Deed of Trust statutes and have unlawfully foreclosed on all foreclosures in your state they ever did or are attempting to do.   Also the banks will tell your they are national and do not have to register or they are registered through a third party.  Not true and third parties as CT Corporation are not allowed.  i am not an attorney just a Pro Se and this is my info, you need to investigate and make sure I am accurate, this is what I find.

Feel free to correct me or add here.

Go to kathy Fetner robo signer now.  

Comment by ALLAN on November 20, 2011 at 11:39am

ISO  C. Fetner, Catherine Fetner, Cathy Fetner associated with WAMU and Hanover. Am looking also for her work history. Please reply to with FETNER in subject line. Thanks ALLAN

Comment by PL on November 17, 2011 at 10:42pm

Rely to Paul:

Homecomings Financial is a subsidiary of Residential Funding Corp which is affiliated with GMAC.  I believe GMAC services Homecomings mortgages.  The signatures you are researching may belong to GMAC employees.


Comment by Theresa Denner on November 5, 2011 at 5:01pm

If anyone has any of the following signature for:

Leah King Assistant Vice President and Notary

Regina Norsworthy Notary

Garrett J. Miller Jr. Notary

Joanne L Weidamoyer-Halls Document Control Officer

John P Gallager Witness

Michael James Witness

Linsey Pollack Admin. Assistant

Aaron G McManus Assistant Vice President

M. Anthony Argenio Notary

Janae Dold ? Witness

Michelle Anderson Document Controll Officer

Marco Villagran Witness

Jessica Fritsch


If you have any documents with these names please email to :


Comment by ChrisNM on October 28, 2011 at 2:07pm

Thanks to both Randy and Allan for those posts.  The article Allan posted is a powerful article... a really good synopsis of the current legal situation surrounding the foreclosure mess.  How most courts act contrary to the Massachusetts Supreme Court is well beyond my ability to understand- except for the fact that the financial powers that be have almost unlimited influence in our court system.   I had not seen the process Randy posted previously... so thanks for that info.  Chris

Comment by Randy (Randolph) Frodsham on October 27, 2011 at 9:37am
I thought I'd written this advice before, but it has been a while and is probably buried.

Start with searching (it's amazing) for all signers of all docs and see what you find.

For all norary publics, contact the Secretary of State where the notary is commissioned and determine how you can obtain a copy of the original application or oath or bond as these will have what is 99.999% probably a REAL signature for that notary public. (For instance, in MN you can obtain a copy of a notary application from the Sec of State; in CA you obtain a copy of the notary's oath and bond, 2 separate documents, from the County Recorder where the notary resides.)

Do searches on and for names to try to locate an address within commute distance of the location where the recorded document was created; viz.: Mendota Heights, MN for LPS headquarters, San Diego, CA for QLS, etc.

If you are successful in locating an address for the person you're searching for, (I have only about a 20% success rate), you then contact the County Recorder of the County where the property is located and determine if your person is on title to the property at the address you have. If so, get a copy of the recorded mortgage/deed of trust and you should have that person's REAL sig.

Many states do not require that notary publics maintain a journal of notarial acts. Go to to determine your State's requirements. Because it is suggested that all notaries everywhere keep a journal/recordbook of notarial acts, always, always, always send a certified letter to the notary requesting a copy of the journal entry for your recorded document. However, before doing so, determine is there is an allowable charge payable to the notary for production. (In CA Notary journals are mandatory. Notaries by law have 15 working days to respond to a request for a copy of a journal entry and also get to charge 30-cents per page. A typical journal entry is 2 pages, I always suggest that you send payment for 3 pages when you make a request as well as include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.) You may wish to include perhaps 50-cents per page to incentise the notary to perhaps provide the needed copy.
Comment by Allan Richards on October 27, 2011 at 9:15am
In Utah, dealing with First Franklin Loan Servises, Residential Credit Solution and Fanny Mae.
Comment by Allan Richards on October 26, 2011 at 10:14pm
Comment by victory on October 26, 2011 at 5:55pm

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA- looking for a competent attorney to take my case on contingency bases.

Property went into foreclosure 12/2008, I then hired a attorney on June 2009 he did absolutely nothing to my case.  I filed a complaint with  Wasington association attorney is currently permanent disbarred and worst of all he was not liscense to practice in Virginia. DOT is defective both nominee and beneficiary, after foreclosure documents filed in county clerk MERS appoints debt collector attorney as sub trustee, on land records debt collector shows debt collector as a grantee.  My husband is retired Navy, we lost both homes one in florida and virginia, we are homeless living with relatives.   SEEKING FOR COMPETENT ATTORNEY WHO CAN TAKE THIS CASE ON CONTINGENCY

Comment by Northsider on October 26, 2011 at 4:44pm
I am helping a family member with their foreclosure case.  I am seeking information and examples of signatures for Martha Munoz, MERS Assistant Secretary and Carol Marie Littlleford the notary.  Any examples of Martha Munoz robosigning under a different organization name will be helpful:
Comment by victory on October 24, 2011 at 11:28pm



Comment by Paul on October 20, 2011 at 4:24pm
Looking for Horace Hunter signatures..purportedly for Residential funding Company.
Comment by Abby on October 19, 2011 at 6:41pm

RE Steve Nagy

to amyt -- please review what Abby in CA has posted regarding Steve Nagy.

I have been in Delaware fighting New Century in their bankruptcy.  As part of my informal discovery I learned he left the company in Dec. 2007.


Apparently, from what I've learned...a stamped signature of his (prior to his leaving the company) is ok on a Promissory Note.


Typically the Notes are not dated as to when the signature occurred.


He also has a variety of signatures, stamps and squiggles on Assignments of Deed or Mortgages.  You really need to come up to speed on what Abby in CA has been posting.


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