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ForeclosureFraud's Website: Start with the excellent, revealing Guide and keep scrolling down to get the scoop on the latest news stories, court documents & rulings, commentary, and all things Foreclosure Fraud

Pressed for time? Do a quick daily check for new news stories on ForeclosureFraud's Twitter Feed.

Right here is chock full of helpful information. The Hamlet's sampling of legal weapons to use in defense of the homes in America, Forum of changing topics up for discussion, headline news, notice of events held across our nation Our Wall Of Shame-Eye On The Judiciary, our members' blogs, informative, eye-opening videos.

Foreclosure Fraud Resources

After reading all of 4closureFraud's site, fill in the blanks with some background info!

Basic Foreclosure Defense Manual

April Charney's Work (One of the Lawyers for The People, truly using the law as a powerful defensive weapon)

Samples of Legal Pleadings re: Defending your home in a court of law.

ICE LEGAL! ICE, ICE, BABY! and and and and

Lynn Szymoniak, Esq. A Lawyer for The People shares her exquisite work.

Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney George Gingo to The People of America: Judicial (FL) or Non-Judicial State (CA), Oh Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The laws are meant to be for and by The People. On my site, there is access to the law. Defend your homes, America! Defend your Homes!

New Century? Home123? Forgery. Fraud. Illegal.

Paper on MERS Foreclosure, Subprime Mortgage Lending, and the Mortgage Electronic Registration System

TURNING A BLIND EYE:WALLSTREET FINANCE OF PREDATORY LENDING by Kathleen C. Engel** & Patricia A. McCoy*** 178pg Fordham Review of Securitized Loans

Foreclosure Defense: PART I Pro Se Ingenuity

Foreclosure Defense: PART II Pro Se Ingenuity

Why Foreclosures FAR outstrip permanent loan modifications (For easier reading: increase size to 100%)

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA an addendum to HAMP federal loan mod program) with new help for those who can't HAMP. There might be a little less pain with a short sale or deed-in-lieu.

Double Financial Jeopardy (foreclosure defense applies in all states)

Summary of Foreclosure Litigation

Syllabus & Curriculum A more in depth look at the foreclosure catastrophe and the resulting legal issues.

Children of Foreclosure

Financial Crisis for Beginners (links, radio shows, slide shows)

Putting Foreclosures in Perspective ("gather up a lot of debt, give it a triple A rating, sell the revenue stream, and then place a wager that the bad loans would default")

What To Do When You Can't Make Your Mortgage Payment

EXCELLENT ARTICLE by Lane Houk explaining how the homes of American Families are being confiscated by the millions.

Fakers signing as officers of many different banks to "prove" transfer of assets in foreclosure cases.

Tila, Recission, and Truth in Lending Arguments




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