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My bank just decided to go ahead with foreclosure and I just found an assignment filed in my court house dated the beginning of August 2011, substituting the trustee from my original lender to Residential Funding. My house was bought from the original lender back in the fall of 2003, and Residential Funding nor any other subsequent owner, holder or assignee of my DoT was filed in my court house from the original sale in 2003 until now.

The notary on the August Substitution of Trustee doc for my house is Mary Lynch. She's also the notary on all of Jeffrey Stephan's docs that have now been declared invalid or fraudulent. The "authorized officer" for Residential Funding who signed the Substitution of Trustee doc i nAugust for my home is Christiana Nitkiewicz, who apparently works in the same infamous office in Montgomery County where Stephan worked(works?).

My questions:

1)Does anyone have any info on Christiana Nitkiewicz and/or Mary Lynch? And/or copies of Christiana's signature? Mary's signature on my doc is pretty similar to her signature on Stephan's docs that I found online.

2) If Mary Lynch witnessed all, or most, of Stephan's docs, did she sit at his elbow? As he was signing thousands of docs per week, he would not have had time to get up and go anywhere to get his signatures notarized. And, if she didn't sit at his elbow, aren't her notarizations of Stephan's signatures suspicious, and thus wouldn't that make all of her notarizations now suspicious?



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Thanks so much for the whatsignature web site! It's new to me.

I found nothing on Christiana Nitkiewicz, who may or may not be a new robo-signer, although if she works in the same Montgomery County, PA, office as Jeffrey Stephan, she begs a suspicious look.

I did find three assignments notarized by Mary Lynch to add to my comparisons. These three assignments each have two witnesses plus Jeffrey Stephan and John Kerr (who also is an infamous robo-signer for GMAC), and Mary signed the docs only once, at the bottom, which means, I assume, that she had to have had them all together at the same time. Did these folks all sit at one large table at all times while they worked??? They would have to if John Kerr and Jeff Stephan were both busy robo-signing hundreds or thousands of docs per month, which would prohibit them from having any extra time to appear together anywhere else at the same time, so many times, for Mary to notarize four signatures at once on so many docs. She's looking more and more suspicious, don't you think? Perhaps I should ask the PA notary officials for an investigation into such odd coincidences of her witnessing so many signatures at once when thousands of docs were being churned out in such a short time????

Thank you so much for your info. I wouldn't have known where to begin without your help. I'm going to try your suggestions.


I have an interest in getting a copy of any document signed Christiana Nitkiewicz as an authorized officer of Residential Funding since on Jan. 26, 2012 she signed an assignment of Mortgage as Assistant Secretary for MERS, dated and notarized.  I don't think she works for both.  Please respond if you get this and can upload a copy of her signature.  I will upload the signature I have now.  Appreciate it.



I have Christiana Nitiewicz on one of my complaints. She is listed Assistant Secretary and Authorized Officer. Let me know if you want a copy?


Hi Adriana,

I would appreciate it if you could send a copy of it to  Thanks.




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