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LNV foreclosure filed c/o Dovenmuehle Mortgage on my home.  I had never heard of either of these two companies.  I had dealt with MGC Mortgage.  (Which is a joke)  My property was originally purchased through Contiwest/CitiMortgage in 1998 in which they securitized my mortgage right away.

I'm looking for anyone that has signatures (Notary) with a Garrett J. Miller Jr. out of Montgomery County, PA on it.

Joanne L Weidamoyer-Halls

Regina Norsworthy

Leah King

Aaron G McManus

M. Anthony Argenio

If anyone has documents with any of these signatures let me know.  I truly believe most of my documents are fraud.  When they assigned my mortgage nothing was updated with the SEC.  The SEC has sent me everything on my mortgage.  I want to try and find someone to help with a Class Action.  I have been working closely with about 12 others that want to join also.

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They probably dont even own the Note anymore, you NEED to find out

I would definitely get someone to determine whether the bank has a right to your house and payment. I got a free mortgage audit from These guys are awesome! I have not found anyone that will get this information for FREE to you, it helped me stop a foreclosure a few days before the sale. I am not usually a person to recommend someone, but I think in this case these people helped me and may help someone else who is in trouble when the bank is trying to steal their house. They will give you a FREE AUDIT!!!

When I got my mortgage audit back, I was STUNNED to find out that my Note had been sold into some kind of investment pool, and the bank did not have the right to continue to collect on me, much less foreclose on me. From what I understand that selling the notes into these pools is very complicated and I don't really understand it completely, except that the Note is no longer a Note, the bank cant claim it anymore as a Note, and  the bank has already been paid for your mortage!. They try and steal your house after they have been paid for it!! I was upset when the bank started the foreclosure on me, now I am really upset for a different reason, because they are committing fraud on me.

MY FORECLOSURE HAS BEEN STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS!! The bank was committing fraud on me and trying to take my house and they cant now, I have a lawyer that is using the the audit I got from and he is turning the tables on the bank. I love it and I feel so empowered now! Being on the offensive is much better than being on the defensive. Good Luck with everything!


I'd like to know how you got a free mortgage audit from this website. I went there and it's saying it costs like $1500. I don't know how you could have gotten it for free. Please give instructions.

Theresa I finally just got your full name from Terry H. PLEASE call me 503-764-5300.

We have lots of Beal Victims. (about 40 at last count) I'm sure you know MGC and LNV are owned by D. Andrew Beal. I hear from Terry you've been working with the investigative reporter in Texas we got interested in Beal's activities.

We're also working on a mass action (as apposed to a class action) against Beal and his co-conspirators and I'd really like to hear your story first hand. - Denise

I have a mortgage with mgc.  I requested to see the note and their legal team sent me a complete package of documents. copy of my original adjustable rate note from people choice. original was 4 pages they added 4 pages to it. one page with signatures from Dana Lantry (residential funding corp), Judy Faber (jp morgan chase bank as trustee without recourse), next page an allonge to promissory note signed by Amy Nelson, next page an allonge signed by Jason J Vecchio (LNV Corp), last page an allonge signed by Michael Mead(residential funding company,llc.

Then a few assignment of mortgages - all assignments have large print across them saying unofficial copy.

1.Date 6/27/2003 I think from peoples choice to jpmorgan chase as trustee c/o Residential Funding - signed by Dana Lantry- notary Anthony Herrera - Orange County,CA

2. Date 6/4/2007 grantor-Bank of New York Trust Co as successor to JPMorgan Chase... Attorney in Fact

Grantee - Residential Funding Coompany,llc

This one was done in Hennepin County ,Minn.  Signed by Christine Renner, notary Cassandra Lynn Harrow

3. Date 3/10/2008 Grantor: Residential Funding Company,LLC

Grantee: LNV Corporation  signed by Betty Wright , Notary Diane M Meistad Hennepin,Minn.  

the last allonge has a number on it BC:612748 which is on the last 2 assignment of mortgages

Then a copy of my mortgage again has unofficial copy across every page of the document. then some payment transfers and history of payments.

It all looks like its real.  How can I tell?

Why do these sites point out that Hennepin county,minn is a red flag?.

I searched the Minn Notary system online and both notaries were listed on their list as notaries at the time.  I searched the Chester County Recorder of Deeds and the recorder of deeds are also listed as who they should be.

Do I have legal documents?

Bob you need to get a hold of our group ASAP. Please call me at 503-764-5300. We have six individuals in our group of Beal/LNV/MGC/Dovenmuehle victims with the EXACT same documents. A professional document examiner has already determined the Jason J. Vecchio signature is an exact copy (photocopy or stamp) and not an original signature; causing suspicion about the authenticity of the alleged "original" Notes. LNV has so far only produced three "original" Notes and we have good reason to believe they are forgeries; and we are certain a professional examination will determine they are. I've been ill and can't help much directly but can put you in touch with other victims so we can all move forward on this collectively - there is power in numbers. Also LNV is NOT a bank it is a shell sham corporation created for the purpose of committing fraud; as is MGC. Both these corporations are owned by D. Andrew Beal. My pretend lender I originated with was also People's Choice; and I have the same Dana Lantry signatures and since Chase is involved I can bet your loan was in the same Bear Stearns Trust as my loan. We have evidence within our group that every signer on your documents is a robo-signer and directly connected with criminal activities of Lorraine Brown. See:

sound good.  I will try to get in touch with you Tuesday 3/3 2015 on my lunch break around 1 o clock

Denise I'm having a hard time finding out if they securitized my loan.  I can't find any People Choice from 2003 in the sec

go to click the "Get a free secuitization check" make sure you provide your deed assignments, substitution of trustee, allonges, if there is a MERS min# on your origination documents make sure he gets that, all the loan numbers (each time they change servicers you get a new loan number) the exact amount you originally borrowed and your interest rate. If so it is well worth the $500 he charges to do the initial investigation. Then if you need an affidavit or declaration he charges another $600 to $800 for that.  If you need a rush then it is more. He can testify in court if you need him to. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I have spinal surgery scheduled next week so I will be out of commission for a while. Let Bill know I referred you. He's done a lot of audits for folks with the LNV, MGC, Dovenmuehle trio in their mortgage/foreclosures. I could never find mine either on my own, but Bill found it easily. Since I had People's Choice too, he should be able to find you.

Bill found the trust my mortgage was in.  Now I need to piece this all together.

Does anyone know a good lawyer that practices in PA that understands this defense?  

I'm guessing MGC lawyers filed the foreclosure against me.  I'm getting random lawyer letters telling my about chapter 13!  

The couple lawyers I have spoke with were blowing this (robosigning) stuff off and telling me they could delay a foreclosure and possibly get a loan modification, no guarantee.

I'm thinking if MGC has no standing, and I can prove that in court then I should be able to get title to my house not be negotiating a modification.


Every lawyer I talk with wants to drag it out and go for loan modification.

Anyone know a lawyer in PA that understands.  I need to hire one quickly



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